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Being pregnant is hard work. A woman’s body undergoes drastic changes during pregnancy – and the resulting aches, pains, and stresses can slow her down and can even have debilitating effects for months or years afterward. The GABRIALLA Collection of Maternity Products is specifically designed to provide the comfort and support women need, while helping them stay healthy, comfortable, and active from the first trimester through postpartum recovery.

When my wife was pregnant with our child several years ago, she suffered from a number of common ailments, especially in the last trimester. Her lower back hurt and her feet were swollen and ached. But when I suggested that she buy medical supports, she told me she wasn't sick. She was hesitant to go to a medical supply store – crutches, braces, wheelchairs, incontinence underwear, etc. – she wanted no association with any of these products! She was pregnant – not sick. Pleasant boutiques with smiling sales clerks were what she wanted. She was prepared to splurge a little on products that would make her pregnancy more comfortable, if only she could find what she needed. But when she went to the shops that carried maternity products, she found only stylish clothes that made her look good, and almost nothing that made her feel good.

This made me think, “Why do we have to be sick before we take care of ourselves?” Why not combine medical care with aesthetic qualities, to make the experience of pregnancy more enjoyable? That's how GABRIALLA Maternity Collection was created – to provide comfortable, stylish support to healthy women, in addition to alleviating maladies.

The GABRIALLA Collection also helps women get back into shape and look their best after delivery. It's a smart choice that helps the new mother maintain a healthy, active life and feel positive about her body.

Our pantyhose, back supports, nursing bras, and slimming girdles are designed to lessen the debilitating effects of pregnancy, such as swollen feet, varicose veins, and an aching back.

Our philosophy is, “If you feel better, you’ll look better too.”

Your Partner in Health,

Lev Tripolsky

President, CEO

Maternity Support Belts & Pantyhose

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belts & Pantyhose provide support and comfort during pregnancy. They work to reduce lower back pain and support the uterus. They help maintain proper posture so you can continue your active lifestyle – and they may even prevent stretch marks. They are adjustable to accommodate size changes during and after pregnancy, are comfortable for everyday use, and are unnoticeable under clothing.

Post-Partum Products for Nursing

Our Nursing Bra was in research and development for over two years. Nursing moms, lactation consultants, Lamaze instructors, and OB-GYN's were interviewed and asked to elaborate on the best and worst features of the nursing bras currently on the market.

Clinical studies indicated that underwires are a potential danger to nursing mothers - infections including mastitis can result from the intense pressure line.

The result - the GABRIALLASoftcup Cotton Nursing Bra. We developed a soft yet sturdy bottom band as well as extra outer cup stitching, which affords maximum support, while eliminating the need for an underwire. We wanted to assist with one-hand breast feeding.Research indicated that Velcro-type closures can scratch a baby's face – so the GABRIALLAcup opens at the top with a three-hook closure which also accommodates breast size changes. Additional inner cup construction supports and cradles the breast while nursing.

Lactation consultants recommend it; nursing moms love it.

"...Finally - the most comfortable and best supporting Nursing Bra on the market!"

Shapewear to Improve a Woman’s Figure and Slim it up to Two Sizes

In nine month of pregnancy, a woman’s body passes through tremendous changes. Stretch marks, extra fat, and even additional flabby skin are common complaints. This is normal, and the body will gradually attempt to regain its original shape – but it needs some help.

The Gabrialla Shapewear Collection is specially designed to help firm the tummy and restore a woman’s body to its original look, shape, and feel. Gabrialla Shapewear helps improve a woman’s figure while providing abdominal and back support. Our products are comfortable to wear for everyday use and invisible under clothing.

Post-Surgical Collection

The Gabrialla Post-Surgical Collection provides continuous compression for post-mastectomy and post-liposuction patients. It helps reduce post-surgical swelling, increase blood circulation, and promote faster healing.

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