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...Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt - Godís Gift to Pregnant Runners

With my doctorís recommendation and Robís encouragement, I splurged on a Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt. Best $42.50 spent so far this pregnancy. My biggest complaint was the bouncing while running and the soreness after the run. My doctor laughed at me and said, if I told you a 2 inch tendon in your knee was slowly stretching to 10 inches, donít you think that would hurt too? Thatís what your stomach is doing to make room for this baby. Everything is stretching and being pulled and tugged. Even though my belly isnít that big yet, stuff is still bouncing and itís uncomfortable. I put the support belt on as soon as it arrived and felt immediate relief all over my body. It felt like taking a heavy book bag full of Organic Chemistry books off after carrying them around all day.

It felt even better while I ran. The belt holds everything in place and offers great support for my back. Bocephus didnít bounce around. Tendons and ligaments werenít strained. My back didnít hurt. Nothing was sore in the hours after the run. YES!

I highly recommend the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt to any physically active pregnant women or pregnant women experiencing back pain due to pregnancy. The band fits snugly across your back and gently cradles your baby belly from the bottom. The band fits inconspicuously beneath your clothing. I simply did not have room under this top for the band to fit.

If you are still smaller or not very far along, the band will give you a beer-belly appearance. Itís a vanity issue I quickly overcame when I realized how good it felt to wear the band!

The adjustable straps on the side mean this band will fit throughout the entire pregnancy. Right now I pull them in fairly tight. Later on, I will not need to tighten them as much. Just be careful you donít over tighten. It can make you feel worse while running (it happened to me for the first three minutes until I figured it out and loosened the side straps). Itís a support, not a fetal straight jacket... Iíve talked to and read about some women who ran until the day they delivered without the aid of a belly support. Iíve talked to and read about some women who started using a support as early as 10 weeks. Each woman and body is different. My ligaments and tendons just happen to be on the more tender side, so my need has more to do with comfort than anything else.

S.D. Pankus 

...Dr. Melina Kibbe, Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery at Northwestern endorses our graduated compression hosiery.

ďAs a woman and a Vascular Surgeon I would definitely recommend ITA-MED Graduated Compression Stockings.Ē

An endorsement originating from a surgeon that treats conditions your products were designed for is the most venerable praise imaginable. Hereís what Dr. Kibbe had to say about our graduated compression hosiery after sampling Jobst, Joost, Sigvaris and ITA-MED.

As a Vascular Surgeon, Iím normally in the position of making treatment recommendations to my patients. Recently, health conditions provided an opportunity to trade places and take the patientís chair. I have spider veins and I opted for Sclerotherapy treatment. The follow up care advises wearing graduated compression hosiery (20-30 mm Hg) for five days.

I decided to test various manufacturers that Iím often prescribing to patients. This was my first foray into full leg stockings; prior to this I had only worn knee high compression stockings. I opted to try both the pantyhose and thigh high compression stockings from ITA-MED and the other manufacturers. This was an enlightening exercise and one I would recommend to all prescribing physicians. I realized that when you wear thigh high or pantyhose compression stockings and you bend your knees, a crease forms directly behind the knee that really begin to dig in after a few hours. I found that straightening my leg on a flat surface helped a great deal. Going forward, Iíll share this recommendation with patients and other physicians. None of the manufactures that I tried were able to prevent this problem.

Additionally, itís a common misconception that you must surrender style and aesthetics when you wear compression hosiery. Not so with ITA-MED. The cornerstone of their branding is to offer and manufacture aesthetically pleasing medically correct products through the marriage of correct form and breathable, comfortable material. ITA-MED subscribes to the fact that you donít need to choose style over comfort and relief. Indeed, I found that there were large differences between the brands with respect to style. ITA-MED packaging promised a ďSheerĒ Nude compression thigh high and they delivered! In fact, they were the only brand that delivered. The other brands were thick and looked like winter stockings. As if the sheer nude werenít beautiful enough, they also offer a Lace Top Black Thigh High which I found downright sexy!

All of the compression stockings I wore provided adequate compression. However, there were notable differences in price. ITA-MED hosiery products were priced 30-40% below Jobst.

So, whatís my verdict after sampling all these brands? As a woman and a Vascular Surgeon I would definitely recommend ITA-MED Graduated Compression Stockings, as they provide great compression, and are extremely stylish and cost competitive. I have already begun recommending them to my patients.

Doctor Melina Kibbe, Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery at Northwestern Universityís Feinberg School of Medicine, has made great strides in vascular procedures and technology. Her research has been recognized by the Obama Administration in 2010 as a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. This is the top government honor given to young researchers. Established in 1996 by former President Bill Clinton, the award has two criteria: pursuit of innovative research and a demonstrated commitment to the community. Nine federal agencies meet annually to nominate candidates whose early achievements support the agenciesí missions and show great potential to bolster science and technology leadership in the U.S. Dr. Kibbe has focused on developing improved therapies for people with vascular disease and gaining a deeper understanding of nitric oxide vascular biology. Dr. Kibbe holds leadership positions in several national surgical societies, including the Association for Academic Surgery for which she is currently President. She serves on study sections for the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs and is an associate editor for the Journal of Surgical Research.

Please note Dr. Kibbe has not been compensated for this testimonial.

...Modern day lifesaver: This maternity support belt is a must!

First let me begin by telling you this maternity support was literally a life saver during my last pregnancy...

...Immediately, I was relieved of all pressure and pain from it's use...About the 8th month of my pregnancy, quick trip to the grocery store was a major chore. It was at that point, I started wearing the belt, upon awakening in the morning until I went to bed at night.

...The belt goes completely unnoticed, wearing a variety of clothes and fabrics. I wore it under everything from business suits to casual wear and it could not be seen. I never experienced any discomfort from using the belt itself. No abrasive material against my skin, no production of sweat from it, no tightness or feelings of being bound; it absolutely wears like a second skin or as good as any other daily under garment.

The durability of the support belt is fantastic! Not only did I use it, a co-worker borrowed it for her pregnancy some 4 months later. She also was completely satisfied, and couldn't thank me enough for telling her about this product. We told everyone we knew about it!

I cannot express enough how this belt gave me peace of mind, and freedom from pain; being able to continue working and not being limited on what I could do, because of discomfort. If you are pregnant anytime in the future, I strongly advise you to ask your physician about this wonderful maternity support. I was so lucky to have been given the info. about it and the chance to have it for my pregnancy; so now you have that knowledge too.

Mary Clara, Las Vegas, NV

"...Better after the baby comes..."

"... The belt is fairly soft and has Velcro tabs on both sides for easy adjustment and a good fit. The front of it goes underneath your tummy to support the growing baby, and it did a pretty good job of that until around my 8th month. Also, initially I did notice a bit of improvement with the pain in my back, but again, it was sadly short-lived.

The belt is machine washable in cold water. The instructions said no bleach, but the manufacturer did not have to smell the thing after a woman gigantic with the next Barbarian Warlord had sweated in it, so I did use bleach on it, with no apparent ill effects. Just make sure you dilute the bleach well, wash it in cold water, and air it dry. Not only will it last longer, but also the dryer tended to get lint in the little teeth of the Velcro and impaired its ability to stick. Heck, I forget, but it probably was not supposed to be machine dried anyway.

This belt is probably best for women who are in their second trimester and on their feet a lot, but don't expect the miracle that I did. If you are really HUGE, it may cause more discomfort than comfort.

Truthfully, I got the most use from this belt AFTER the baby came. He was my fourth C-section (I can carry them fine, they just WON'T come out!) and I found the belt offered a great deal of support over the stapled area, especially when coughing or sitting. If you have ever had a C-section, you know how it feels to cough and wonder if your insides are going to be on your outside the next moment. Of course it won't happen, but it feels that way! I think it would be great for any type of birth, because even after a vaginal birth your stomach muscles are weak, the ligaments in your hips have been stretched, and your back is sore. A little extra support would not hurt in the slightest.

All in all, I would recommend this belt if you have a bit of extra money."

Annie, San Diego, CA

...Helped take the pressure off my mid-back..."

".. I worked my whole pregnancy in a Doctor's office, so I was on my feet all day long. Once my baby and I both started to grow my mid back was killing me 98% of the time. I was in tears by my 7th month and hated the thought of having to get out of bed to go to work and stand on my feet! OUCH!!! My Doctor recommended this support belt, so I ran out and got it.

OHHHHH! Relief! I could tell a difference as soon as I put it on! I didn't have any problems with sweating or itching other than the normal pregnancy sweating and itching. I wore the thing up until I delivered and I must say that it saved my job. I was about to quit my job and stay at home on my butt until I had the baby.

I had a car accident about 6 or 7 years prior to my getting pregnant and I had a lot of back problems from that, and I figure that my pain had a lot to do with that as well, but the belt really did help!

If you have mid back pain during pregnancy I highly recommend this product!. "

Stacy, Burleson, TX

"It is a godsend!..."

".. Just wanted to let you know that I received the size large maternity belt. It is a godsend! Thank you so much for your help.! Your company makes a wonderful product!"

Gretchen, Seattle, WA

"...Does take the weight off of lower stomach and back..."

My sister bought this girdle when she was pregnant with her first baby. She had money to burn and could afford it. She absolutely raved about this pregnancy girdle and said she couldnít go to work without it on some days. She said that it supported her back and stomach and made walking around the plant nursery where she worked much easier. When she was done with it she insisted that I borrow it.

I never had much money to spend to make myself comfortable during my pregnancies and had never dreamed of a product that could reduce my back pain during pregnancy until I borrowed this from my sister. During my fourth pregnancy I was especially large, it was no wonder,- the baby weighed 9 pound 7 ounces when born. I was totally uncomfortable right from the start-- when the Doctor thought I would be having twins--I was so big. This maternity girdle was perfect in the beginning as it provided support to my stomach and reduced the lower back pain I was experiencing.

The Girdle expands by getting larger through the belly by velcro straps on each side. My problem was the leg holes did not expand and my thighs got quite huge in the later part of my pregnancy. This is when my stomach was the largest and could have used the girdle the most. The girdle fit in the stomach, but it no longer fit in the legs.

The girdle is available in three sizes, the size we had was a medium. I believe that a large may have been a better bet as far as size goes. In the beginning of any pregnancy you can never visualize just how big you can get--all over--ugh! I would highly advise getting the largest size, because you want to be able to wear it at the end of your pregnancy. Unless of course you can afford two; get more than one size!

The overall comfort was nice for this girdle. It did not squeeze or bind the stomach (except around the legs as stated above). This is important because pregnant women know how uncomfortable it is to have something squeezing their stomach! The girdle is made of light weight breathable cotton and an elastic type front panel. It is easy to wash, just throw it in the laundry with your whites (cold water).

I would recommend this girdle to pregnant women, especially those that work or walk around a lot and/or you have money to burn.


...Alleviated My Back Pain!..."

There are times in my pregnancy I remember more than others. I remember seeing Maternity Panties (sorry, if my term makes anyone blush) and thinking, You've got to be Kidding! There is just no way I am going to put those Granny Panties on me!" Then, as My belly got a tad bit bigger and my backpain, buttpain, legpain (etc.) got worse I did not care what I wore as long as it relieved some pain.

I looked around for a good and of course the Hugest Panty I could find. I am a pretty good sized female and i did not think Large was going to cut it. This Panty came in XL and I was thrilled. I paid my forty dollars and was ready to wear the panties.

Putting the panties on for the first time was hilarious. C'mon, I was only 20 and to wear panties that touched my Bra! Too Funny. But as time passed, My belly protruded a bit more and My Pain was diminishing.

I was also having problems with Vericose Veins. My doctor recommended me buying a Support Girdle to alleviate some pressure from my legs. Again, with the support this added I started to notice that no new Vericose Veins were appearing. (I have no way of knowing if it was from this panty or not, but I think it was)

I would reccommend this panty to all the pregnant women out there looking for something to support their protruding belly's.
Pregnancy is a time to enjoy and not moan about Back Pain like I did. I think my initial investment was returned and then some.

The cost of these panties prohibits you (well at least it did me) from having a different pair a day. They are easy to wash and dry fast. Do not put them in the drier. Wash in the sink with a light detergent and hang to dry. They usually dried for me overnight.

Mariah, Ohio

...Great support while flattering rear end and tops of thighs!"

Yes! I was working sooo hard on getting rid of those extra pounds for my upcoming High School reunion when I found out I was pregnant!!! We had been trying for about 6 mos after a miscarriage, and I had decided to give up until after the reunion,! I was elated at being pregnant, but dreaded being huge at my reunion.

Luckily for me, a cute little children's boutique opened in town, complete with a small selection of maternity wear. I bought an adorable pantsuit AND the maternity girdle. I felt that it accentuated my belly, while helping to minimize my rear end (hallelujah!), as well as providing support for my poor belly. Apparently it appears much more quickly with the third child!

The reunion was great! I felt more confident with my Gabriella maternity girdle on, and much to my surprise, there were about 10 others who were just as pregnant as I was.

Katie, Oregon

"...A Must Have for Back Pain..."

I am 7 months pregnant with my second pregnancy and started having major lower back pain/sciatic nerve pain around 5-6 months. By the evening time, I would have a hard time walking I was in so much pain. Upon my doctor's recommendation I bought a pregnancy belt. I am VERY happy with this belt! There has been significant improvement in my back/nerve pain since wearing this belt. I highly recommend buying this to help with back/nerve pain. It does run small, so order a size bigger. Pre-preg I wear XS/S and all my maternity clothes are the same size. I ordered both a Small and Medium in the belt, so I could try them both, and the Small barely fits me now, at 7 months.

Reviewer: S. McKinney

"...Great support, custom fit, affordable!"

I bought this maternity belt to help ease round ligament and pelvic pain halfway through my second pregnancy. It has greatly helped to lessen the impact of daily walks and the hip strain caused by long periods of standing. I do not lounge in the belt, but when I sit I have not experienced the belt rolling or riding up; I wear it right on the hips/lower back which is the most comfortable for me. The lower back support is a highlight of this model; it encourages correct posture and can lessen shoulder pain as well.

I do not find this belt extremely noticeable under belly panel jeans or knit tunics/dresses. The outer fabric is more textured than the lining, but I think this is necessary to create a sturdy construction. It seems the texture helps to keep fitted tees from not riding up as well. Keep in mind this is a back/belly support; it is not designed to be an invisible, spandex shape wear garment.

I highly recommend consulting the size chart. I am a pre-preg/preg size small, but my midway circumference (37") suggested I buy the MEDIUM size. I am very pleased with the medium. It can fit as snug as you need, with one main velcro closure in the front and two side "cinching" velcro closures for getting a custom fit every time. On the largest setting it appears to have approximately 2-4" of slack to allow for more growth which is promising.

This product is well made and built for longevity!

Reviewer: RockstarWife ( Midwest, USA)

"...Works great! Needed a size bigger"

I had to go to physical theraphy begining at about 5 1/2 months because of really bad sciatica problems. My therapist recommended this to me so I bought it. It helped SO much and I feel like a brand new woman. I do wish that I had bought a larger size. I'm usually a medium and all my maternity clothes are a medium as well. I bought a medium size belt but think that a large would have been better as the months went along and I'm getting better. But, still a great item to have!

Erin M. Wallner "E Wall" ( Jacksonville, FL)

"...This helps..."

I wear it when I know that I will have to stand a lot. It helps holding up the big belly. I feel a little safer in it too. I am glad I have it, but I think it may depend on the individual pregnancy how it works for you. I bought a size M, usually (non pregnant) I am a size small. Small would have been to small/tight, so I would recommend to order this one size up from you pre-pregnancy size.

Reviewer: wunderkitten "wunderkitten" (Mayberry)

"...Finally, a little relief!"

I just got this in the mail today and have been wearing it around the house. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and suffer from bad back pain when I stand for too long and so far this is working great! I'm not sure if I got the right size but my only problem with it is that the sides of the belt don't lay flat on my body, they kinda bunch up so I'm sure you'd be able to see it if I were wearing a tighter shirt. Not a big deal for me though, I'm just glad for the back pain relief!

Reviewer: First time mom (MN)


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