Our abdominal supports are ideal for protecting weak or injured muscles from further strain, as well as providing relief from the back pain that so often accompanies limited abdominal strength. By stabilizing the midsection, Abdominal & Rib Supports and Posture Correctors from ITA-MED prevent other muscles from over-compensating for their weaker counterparts, and restore the body’s natural center of balance.

We offer a wide variety of abdominal supports designed to provide different levels of compression and support. Our medically correct abdominal supports are often worn by people recovering from surgery or suffering from a hernia, protecting damaged muscles from further trauma by keeping them still. Abdominal supports are also popular among mothers who recently gave birth to relieve backaches caused by over-extended stomach muscles and to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape.

Our rib supports use gentle compression to stabilize fractures of the ribs and sternum. This compression encourages more controlled breathing to help reduce pain and provide more comfort. Rib supports can also be used to provide support for muscle and soft tissue injuries to the rib cage due to strain, trauma, overuse, inactivity or surgery. Our rib supports are available in both women’s and men’s models to insure the perfect fit. The belt will also hide well beneath clothing.

ITA-MED Posture Correctors are recommended by doctors to correct posture, help prevent and reduce scoliosis and other spinal problems. They are available in women’s, men’s and pediatric versions, each having been specifically engineered and tailored to insure a perfect fit. They provide 3-in-1 support for lower back, upper back and abdomen. These posture correctors feature a highly effective crisscross design with two additional pulls for added support and tension adjustment.

All ITA-MED posture correctors, abdominal and rib supports feature highly breathable proprietary elastics with soft cotton for all day comfort even in hot climates and are 100% latex free.