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Letter from the President

I would like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website, which not only demonstrates our products but offers a new philosophy for health care as well.

Why do we start to care for our health only after we've lost it?
At ITA-MED, we believe the best way to FEEL healthy is to BE healthy.

Quality products should not just be remedies for the ill, but part of a larger plan for better living. At ITA-MED, we believe in health maintenance and injury prevention.

Officially incorporated in 1992, ITA-MED is a dynamic and vibrant company considered to be one of the most "green" manufacturers of sports medicine and home health care products. Many of our braces and supports are unique due to the Natural, Breathable and Non-Allergenic fabrics and materials that we use.

We design our products not only to be medically correct, but also to be the most comfortable and stylish in the industry. In addition, our bilingual (English & Spanish) packaging is considered to be some of the most attractive, consumer-friendly and retail-ready packaging on the market.

Whether you are shopping for medical cures or for health-conscious fashion, ITA-MED has the products for you and your customers!

Please take a few moments to view our website to learn more about ITA-MED’s vision, philosophy and get a better understanding our unique products and superior service.

President's Letter

Life is full of surprises. Injuries happen, and when they do ITA-MED is there to provide medical products of uncompromising quality. However, our role doesn't end there ... just as importantly, we are here to help people maintain the active, healthy lifestyle we all want.

Get well and stay well with ITA-MED!

Your partner in health,
Lev Tripolsky