Extensive Experience

For a quarter-century we have focused our design and manufacturing efforts on developing products that are both medically correct and comfortable to wear. We also have extensive experience working with HME/DME stores, pharmacies, maternity shops, doctors, clinics, ecommerce retailers and international dealers and distributors to ensure we understand each business and our customers’ needs.

Graduated Compression Hosiery

Exceptional Quality

By using modern production facilities in San Francisco Bay Area and keeping manufacturing on U.S. soil, we properly oversee every step of production and can ensure a high standard of regulation and quality.

We are also:

  • FDA approved
  • Medicare approved
  • Government approved

Graduated Compression Hosiery

Unique Design & Comfort

ITA-MED takes pride in manufacturing products that contain natural and highly breathable materials, which make them suitable and comfortable for wear in all climates and for extended periods of time.

Graduated Compression Hosiery

Retail-Ready Bilingual Packaging

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we distribute eco-friendly packaging that is fully recyclable and printed with soy-based inks, and our products contain sustainable natural fibers.

Graduated Compression Hosiery

Unsurpassed Service & Support

Through rigorous training programs, ITA-MED has built a team of knowledgeable and talented customer service representatives that are prepared to address any concerns or questions.

Graduated Compression Hosiery

Competitive & Affordable Pricing

ITA-MED products offer customers unsurpassed value through a unique combination of medically correct design, high quality manufacturing processes and affordability.

Graduated Compression Hosiery
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