Whether it’s a simple strain or a deep sprain, arthritis, or a pulled muscle, Sports-Medical products from ITA-MED will help your patients get back on their feet and “back into the game”.  Just as importantly, at ITA-MED we think the best way to get healthy is to stay healthy.  We offer a wide variety of orthopedic and sports medical braces & supports products to help prevent injury or recover from it and to maintain health.

Our hinged braces provide strong support, and neoprene provides excellent support with all-over stretch and heat retention. Wool and Angora braces provide breathable natural warmth, which is ideal for cool climates and/or arthritic ailments. Egyptian cotton and elastic supports provide maximum breathability. Whether it’s for the knee, ankle, elbow or wrist, our products provide the high quality support your patients’ need. And if it’s arthritis your patients suffer from, our braces will go a long way toward alleviating their pain and making them more active again.

Levels of Support
ITA-MED manufacturer a strong support braces are highly recommended by doctors during rehabilitation and treatment following surgery or serious injury.

Medium support braces are recommended for use before and during activities and for the prevention and treatment of injury.

Light support braces are ideal for prevention and treatment of gentle sprains and strains by providing constant uniform compression and support.  Natural fibers make them comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Types of Fabric
Airprene breathable neoprene provides uniform all-way stretch, compression and support. It retains bodyheat, increases blood circulation and reduces swelling. Neoprene support products are recommended for use during sports activities or prevention and treatment of injuries. They should be worn 15 minutes prior to and during vigorous activities. Terry-cotton lining minimizes sweating and skin irritation.

High quality Egyptian Cotton allows skin to breathe and prevents skin irritations and allergies. Four-way stretch provides universal support while being soft and comfortable enough to wear all day. Egyptian Cotton is ideal for use in warm climates.

Wool & Angora support products provide natural warmth, medium compression and light support. They won’t irritate skin and help prevent allergies often associated with elastic supports. Products made of wool and Angora are ideal for prevention and treatment of arthritis and muscle pain, especially in severe weather climates.

Tell your patients not to wait until they’re sidelined again.  Recommend that they use Sports-Medical support products now and stay healthy for years.