Based in San Francisco, ITA-MED Co. is a dynamic U.S. manufacturer of medical support products. Through innovative design and development processes, it has become a leader in the manufacturing of high quality, eco-friendly home health care, orthopedic, and sports medicine products that are both effective and comfortable to wear. Over the past two decades, ITA-MED has built its reputation to produce items that are unique and better by design.


This simple question is the reason why ITA-MED Co. was established. Since we believe the best way to feel healthy is to be healthy, we developed brands to provide quality products that are not just remedies for the ill, but part of a long-term plan for health maintenance and better living overall.

Officially incorporated in 1992, ITA-MED is an innovative company considered to be one of the most eco-friendly and “green” manufacturers of sports medicine and home health care products. We use natural, breathable and non-allergenic materials to ensure our collections can be used by a variety of clientele while also lessening our environmental impact. Plus, our appealing and consumer-friendly bilingual packaging adds great aesthetic to any retail environment.

At ITA-MED, we don’t believe you should sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa. We pride ourselves on developing products that are not just medically accurate, but that are some of the most comfortable and fashionable options available. Whether you are shopping for medical support or simply for health-conscious fashion, ITA-MED has the products you and your customers need and will love!

Life is full of surprises, so trust ITA-MED to offer unrivaled products that will address any injury that may unexpectedly come your way. But don’t expect the support to stop there. We strive to continue helping our customers sustain an active, healthy lifestyle with superior service and an incomparable collections of products – whether or not there’s an injury to treat.


Our mission is to ensure that ITA-MED customers improve and sustain their health, whether or not they are dealing with an injury. We achieve this through providing innovative products made from natural and breathable material that serve as both preventative measures and treatment for medical issues.

We also stand by the idea that discomfort should never be a reason to avoid using medical support products. It’s our guarantee that we offer items that are medically accurate, fashion-forward, and comfortable to wear.


We built this company on the strong belief that no other place can match the high caliber of products that are conceptualized and manufactured within the USA. With the vast resurgence of American-made products, our steadfast belief is still relevant and validated 26 years later.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, US corporations outsourced manufacturing to foreign countries to cut costs and save money. However, this loss of control greatly sacrificed product quality. ITA-MED avoided this trend because of the unmatched value of American-made products and our belief in the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs in our own country.

Over two decades later, this decision has proven to be the right one. Global demand for ITA-MED’s Made in the USA products has grown immensely, with distribution now in more than 25 countries.


At ITA-MED, quality is our top priority and has been the foundation of our reputation since we were first established in 1992. While other companies put an emphasis on saving money through outsourcing instead of focusing on product quality, ITA-MED remains steadfast in the desire to keep manufacturing on U.S. soil.

Through our in-house design and manufacturing processes, we maintain complete control over the development of our products and are able to uphold strict levels of regulation to ensure excellence. When customers purchase our products, they can be confident of our guarantee that they are receiving the highest quality items, and we continue to deliver on that promise.