Today’s Compression Socks: Greater Style, Wider Appeal

Back in 1988, there was a commercial for Oldsmobile, a popular car maker.  The commercial featured the now-famous line, “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile,” in an attempt to emphasize the car’s modern advancements and stylish improvements over the previous versions. That line works very well today with compression socks.  Just [...]

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Shoulder Immobilizer

ITA-MED Super Arm Sling with Shoulder Immobilizer and Abduction Pillow has been ranked #1 in 2016's best shoulder immobilizers by wiki.ezvid.com. Compiled with twenty-seven hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published in the health category, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of shoulder immobilizer options available to consumers in the United States. Click here to read [...]

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Posture Correctors – How Can It Help You

Back pain is one of the biggest reasons for missed work and gym workouts. It is the most significant cause of disability which prevents many people from engaging in work and other routine activities. As per the latest statistical data, 31 million Americans experience acute low back pain which becomes [...]

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