GABRIALLA Style PNG-971 Maternity Support Panties w/ Adjustable Band

Light Support | HPSSC : A9270

By the last trimester of pregnancy, 95% of women will develop some type of back pain and a high percentage will develop stretch marks on their stomachs due to increased weight and dry skin. The GABRIALLA Maternity Support Panty will help to prevent and minimize these symptoms, without sacrificing your wardrobe. It’s a specially designed panty with attached 3 inch band, fashioned to be worn comfortably beneath any outfit. Unlike other maternity supports, the GABRIALLA Maternity Support Panty is made with comfortable stretch satin and lace and includes an additional Velcro closure in the back to further accommodate growth and provide the best support to you and your baby. Being pregnant can be hard work. Allow GABRIALLA to help alleviate the stress to your body, so you can stay healthy, comfortable and active from the first trimester through the postpartum recovery period!

  • Provides excellent abdominal support and helps reduce lower back pain
  • Provides excellent abdominal support and helps reduce lower back pain
  • Helps reduce the risk of stretch marks by providing gentle support to the uterus
  • Promotes proper posture and helps improve balance
  • Very comfortable to wear, elegant, fashionable and unnoticeable under clothes
  • Comfortable stretch satin and lace construction easily expands to accommodate growth
  • Includes adjustable pulls with Velcro closures in back to provide better support, comfort and fit
  • Made with a gentle cotton lining to avoid skin allergies associated with elastic materials

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Nylon 46%, Cotton36%, Lycra18%





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