ITA-MED Style AB-309(W) Women’s Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder (9” wide)

Medium Support | HPSSC : L0625


ITA-MED Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder is designed especially to fit a woman’s figure. It is primarily used after pregnancy as a postpartum abdominal support (especially after C-Section or as a Breast Binder). This abdominal binder is also very beneficial for providing support after any other surgery in the abdominal area, by overweight people for improving balance and weight redistribution, for general slimming effect and in cases of abdominal hernia or any other situation when abdominal support is needed. It helps you return to your pre-pregnancy shape and wardrobe sooner.

  • Constructed from 9″ breathable elastic
  • Specially designed to fit a woman’s body
  • Provides relief after surgery in the abdominal area
  • Comfortable to wear and unnoticeable under clothes
  • Features Velcro hooks for easy adjustment and a perfect fit
  • Provides excellent abdominal/back support and true slimming effect
  • Provides “Body Shaping” effect and can easily accommodate size changes
  • Decreases pressure and provides excellent support to the abdomen, waist and lower back
  • Highly breathable construction is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, even in hot climates

S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Polyester 50%, Cotton 22%, Nylon 18%, Lycra 10%


White, Beige, Black



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