Isn’t it worthwhile to have compression wear being a regular part of our lifestyle? Well, if you are thinking about it. It is important that you are completely comfortable with the idea of putting on compression stockings.

 Choosing the right compression stocking is essential for your overall well-being but it can be confusing too. Finding the best fit and style of socks is a big task especially when you don’t have much know-how.

That’s why we have put together some of the most popular frequently asked questions that people mostly have in their minds. Take a look below before you plan to buy a pair of compression stockings from reputed medical products manufacturers of the USA.


So, let’s get started!

1.  Who can stand to benefit from compression wear?

Although, anyone can maximize the use of compression stockings. But, there are certain ranges available to a particular audience for their unique needs. These consists of: 

  • Pregnant women with swollen ankles and feet.
  • Those who fly long distances regularly are at risk of deep vein thrombosis.
  • Active people and athletes who are on their feet throughout the day. For instance; those who work in retail, medical field, or sports
  • Those who suffer from diabetes and at risk of painful swelling in the legs and feet where blood can accumulate.
  • Those who are recovering from any medical illness or injury, need help to keep their blood flowing in different parts of the body.

2.  How tight can they be?

Wearing compression socks feels pretty comfortable. You may feel a little tightness in your body when you wear them for the first time. But, as the days go by, you’re likely to build your comfort and liking around them.

Just like a pair of shoes takes some time to fit into your feet correctly, compression wear will also take time for you to break in. If you still feel the socks are not made for you, it is best to get in touch with your medical supply provider right away.

3.  What aspects to consider while buying compression socks?

Make sure to only buy compression stockings that are of high-quality material and manufactured by a top medical supply company in the USA. Though it is tempting to buy cost-effective products to save a few bucks by doing so, you are only compromising on the product quality, durability, and workmanship.

Every compression sock is designed differently so you literally get what you pay for. So, pay well and get the best one home.

4.  Why do we need to measure for socks?

You may know your shoe size but socks are measured a lot differently. They need to be fit enough to support your legs and feet. In case, your socks don’t fit well they won’t apply the ideal pressure that your body needs.

Besides, if your compression socks are wrinkled when you wear them, they might be applying pressure to areas where it’s not required. This means you may catch aches and pain if you wear them persistently.

5.  What is the purpose of wearing socks?

Compression socks when worn properly promote better absorption of fluid into the bloodstream eliminating the symptoms of swelling in legs, pain, and discomfort. In addition, socks may help sports professionals in quick recovery after a workout session.

Most patients choose to put on compression socks because it helps to prevent varicose veins. Normal veins have functioning internal valves that maintain a healthy blood flow in the upper and lower extremities. As socks apply external pressure, they allow for a better approximation of healthy valves by putting them back to their normal state.

6.  How to wear compression stockings?

The way you put on compression socks is extremely important. Here are a few ways that help you wear socks in the right way to keep them crease and wrinkle-free:

  • Dry your legs and feet before putting compression socks on and use talcum so they are easy to put on.
  • While wearing them, be sure to keep your stockings perfectly straight.
  • Cover your foot nicely in the sock and roll it backward but make sure your heel is in the exact place.
  • Keep rolling up your leg until the upper band is in a strong position.

Now, to take your socks off, gently pull them from the upper band and peel them downwards. Be sure you do it in slow strokes.

Proper wearing and taking the socks off is extremely important. Also, take proper care of your compression wear as you will be using them a lot for quite some time.

Investing in compression socks and hosiery is not just a decision to elevate your wellness but beauty aspects too. Therefore, you are getting benefitted in two ways and both of them are equally beautiful and worthy of the money you spend.

All you need to do is just scroll through the different medical product manufacturer websites in the USA today and be on the way to find a soothing pair of compression socks. And, hey even if you look at our collection once you will be pretty fascinated. What do you think? We’d love to hear how your shopping experience goes.