Just like a pool requires a pH balance to ward off algae, our bodies also require a pH balance to maintain health. In fact, we need to keep a pH balance close to 7.4. This is considered alkaline (on the side of neutral). When our pH becomes unbalanced, it can cause a variety of illnesses to develop in the body.

What Is Bio-magnetic Therapy?

Bio-magnetic Therapy (also called bio-magnetic pair or terrain restoration therapy) is a safe and natural treatment. The method reestablishes a normal cellular environment through the use of magnets. This is typically done with a pair of magnets of medium intensity.

The ultimate goal of bio-magnetism is to equalize your pH level and prevent (or treat) illness. This method should never be confused with magnetic therapy or acupuncture. This is a vastly different and more advanced way to take control of your body.

The Benefits of Bio-magnetic Therapy

Many complex diseases have been a root in unbalanced pH levels. Illness simply cannot progress if your pH is in a state of equilibrium. In fact, without the proper pH, the body can develop everything from:

And disease
That’s why bio-magnetic therapy works so well. It virtually “resets” your body to the right state. There is a multitude of benefits to be derived from this type of therapy, including:

Creates an inhospitable environment for pathogens
Neutralizes pH levels
Soothes pain
Corrects ionic conditions
Facilitates intracellular energies
No side effects
Can be used in conjunction with both conventional and alternative therapies
Rather than target the symptoms, it targets the root cause
Results can be felt in minutes or days
Non-invasive and completely natural
The list goes on.

How Does it Work?

This isn’t some form of magic. Bio-magnetism has been studied for decades. A pair of magnets polarize the cell’s ions. The magnets must have a minimum of 1,000 gausses and are placed on specific areas of the body.

The location and placement of these pairs have been clinically defined by Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD, over the course of many years. By observing pathogenic codes, he was able to identify over 250 bio-magnetic pairs. These all correspond to the majority of dysfunctions and diseases in the human body.

Leaving the magnets on your body for just 15-20 minutes can reestablish your acidic/alkaline levels.

Why Should I Try it?

The science behind the method of bio-magnetism is that our body craves magnetic energy. Every cell in your body has a positive and negative field responsible for cell division. Our body needs cell division to survive and thrive. In fact, cancer is the opposite of this process and is caused by mutation (a confused cell).

Organs cannot function and interact without the constant presence of magnetic energy. It is essential for our body’s electromagnetic activity (like our nervous system). Magnetism, in general, plays a major role in our health.

Bio-magnetism basically works by improving your circulation and fixing an injured cell’s polarity. It can also reduce inflammation and improve nutrient and oxygen absorption in the cells. The MaxarBio-Magnetic Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Sports Belt is a great place to start if you want to try bio-magnetism. It helps reduce lower back pain, protects from injuries, and offers excellent support.

There are some people that still believe bio-magnetism doesn’t work. The science is all there. It comes down to a cellular level and understanding your body from its basic building blocks. If you treat your cells well, you are essentially staving off illness. Maintaining a balanced pH through bio-magnetism may just be the key to longevity. Who knows?