ITA-MED Style NKN-132 ROM Post Op Knee Brace 17″

| HPSSC : L1833

The Range-of-Motion (ROM) Post-Op Knee Brace is designed with an easy to use range-of-motion hinge with pre-set stops and motion locks, allowing quick and easy dorsal and plantar flexion settings. Soft foam laminated material for added comfort. Hook and loop closures for easy adjustment and exact fit. Lightweight while strong and durable. Removable and washable liner. Recommended for use following surgical procedures such as arthroscopic ACL reconstruction where the ability to immobilize the knee in full extension is desired. Brace is ideal after meniscus repair, knee ligament injuries such as MCL, LCL and fracture of the knee.

  • Great for post knee surgery or knee injury
  • Comfortable to wear
  • May be worn during sport activities




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