MAXAR Style IBS-3000 Work Belt (Deluxe) Industrial Lumbo-Sacral Support

| HPSSC : L0627 OR L0642

MAXAR Deluxe Work Belt is one of the best industrial back supports on the market. It’s made from the highest quality materials with uncompromising workmanship to provide maximum support and comfort. Highly rated by industry leaders and American physicians. It helps form correct posture and avoid back injures while working or lifting heavy loads. This work belt is recommended to those who: Have a great deal of physical activities at work or at home; Lift and move heavy objects; Spend long hours driving or have a job which lacks movement; Suffer from or ever experienced lower back pain, osteochondrosis or lumbago; Have undergone surgery on the lower section of the spine.

  • Protects from injuries and helps reduce lower back pain
  • Six spring metal stays, extra strong yet breathable mesh and detachable extra wide suspenders
  • Two additional side pulls are designed for better fitting and tension adjustment
  • Provides excellent support and comfort to the abdominal and lumbo-sacral areas
  • Very comfortable to wear on a daily basis
  • Massages muscles and reduces pressure from the lower back.

S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Nylon 60%, Polyester 40%





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