MAXAR Style NWA-152 Sport Belt Airprene

Breathable Neoprene Lumbo-Sacral Support | HPSSC : L0627 OR L0642

MAXAR Airprene Sport Belt (Breathable Neoprene Lumbo-Sacral Support) provides excellent support, warmth and comfort to the abdominal and lumbo-sacral areas. Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) and Terry cotton lining helps minimize sweating and reduces allergic skin reactions. It keeps your lower back warm, protects from injuries and helps reduce lower back pain. Highly recommended by Doctors during sports activity for prevention and treatment of back injuries and for people who: Suffer from osteochondrosis, lumbago or have ever experienced lower back pain; Those who have undergone surgery on the lower section of the spine; Lift and move heavy objects; Perform physical activities in extreme weather conditions.

  • Finished edges for better look and durability
  • S and M sizes are 9″ tall in the back, L and XL sizes are 11″ tall in the back
  • Two additional side pulls are designed for better fitting and tension adjustment
  • Six spring metal stays provide increased stability and support to the lower back
  • Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) material helps retain body heat, increases circulation and provides all-way stretch and compression

S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Nylon 10%, Polyester 20%, NeoPrene 70% (Linning: Cotton 65%, Tetoron 35%)


Blue, Black



Size Chart

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