What began as two weeks grew to two months, and ultimately became an indefinite reality for many individuals. Yet few remote workers were prepared for the physical impacts of a work-from-home lifestyle and may not have implemented the optimal body supports, especially for the back. Back pain from sitting for too long is a common worry that relates to joint mobility, muscle strength and function, and even breathing, therefore it is essential for those who work from home to maintain a healthy physical form while working.

Long durations of sitting create a perfect storm of tension, including misaligned joints and weakened muscles. It begins with the persistent relaxation and weakening of the hip flexors, the linking muscles from the top of the thighs to the hips, which in turn regulate the pelvic and lumbar spine, so placing a constant strain on the back. This subsequently forces the hamstring muscles to compensate by reaching upward, so weakening the gluteal muscles that are intended to stabilise the back and pelvis. Simply said, sitting is a recipe for back pain.

Preventing back pain from prolonged sitting

Instead of stressing about all the “bad” things you’re doing, consider making minor adjustments to your posture or routine, because the reality is that there will be days when you forget to get up and walk around or when you have more work than normal. Here are some simple ways to prevent back pain from prolonged sitting:

  • Slouching versus hunching, posture versus holding oneself upright

It is natural for the spine to curve and for us to bend over our work from time to time, such as when we are sitting up in bed and seeing something. What is not natural is for us to maintain this position for extended periods. The same applies to sitting at a computer desk or dining room table with the belief that we must maintain our shoulders back and our bodies erect. This forces the neck and lowers back muscles to work too hard to hold everything in position, resulting in excessive tension over an extended period.

You should prioritise getting up and moving about at least every 30 minutes. This permits the spine to extend and increases blood flow to all extremities. Stretch for at least five minutes during your break. To perform a shoulder stretch, for instance, go to a doorway and place both hands on either side of the door frame. For the lower back, you can perform a modest hamstring stretch by bending the knees and folding down slowly, even halfway, but be careful not to overdo it or you may get more pain in the glutes and hamstrings. Then simply engage in an activity that relieves your tension and is beneficial to you. That’s what individuals working from home should be doing anyway.

  • Utilize some support products

For difficulties such as discomfort, the best medical support products are available, such as a back belt for back pain. A back belt or brace can assist relieve muscle stress by reducing pressure on the spine, hence decreasing the amount of muscle strength required to support the spinal column. In addition, the brace’s heat can assist relax stiff muscles, so aiding in pain alleviation. When the low back is unstable due to injured or compromised spinal structures, a back brace can provide further support. By maintaining the torso in a secure, supportive position, a back brace can assist promote a healthy environment for healing the current injury and avoid further injuries. Reduce pressure on the structures of the spine. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acquire these medical assistance products from the best back belt manufacturers.

Laptop accessories

If you’re still using a touchpad, you should purchase a separate keyboard, mouse, and lap desk. You can sit up straighter when you’re not slumped over your laptop if you bring the equipment to you, rather than vice versa. (A word to the wise: gel-coated keyboard wrist rests should not attract you. These gel implants can restrict or sever blood supply to the finger flexor tendons, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Hold the device at eye level when messaging

You may have heard that your laptop or desktop computer screen should be at eye level, but what about your mobile device? Consider holding your phone at eye level while texting and viewing. This will prevent your neck muscles from being stressed unnecessarily or placed in an unnatural posture. And if you find it too difficult to hold the gadget at eye level for that length of time, you may need a break!

  • Standing workstation, twin monitor mount, and articulated arm

If you have the space and office setting to allow it, it may be time to go all out. A standing desk will urge you to alternate between standing and sitting, as well as to transfer your weight from side to side. Having a dual monitor reduces the annoyance of having to switch between screens with mouse clicks, and an arm can position things just as you want them, every single day. If back pain caused by prolonged sitting has become a problem for you, it is worth exploring.

  • Sitting and stretching in yoga

You may not need to practise yoga to reap some of its benefits. If you’re working on a bed or sofa, for instance, and you’re flexible enough to assume the butterfly position (heels contacting and pulled in with knees out to the sides), this position naturally lifts the weight off the body, thereby stretching the spine and alleviating the spinal discs. In addition to relieving sciatic pain, this exercise also stretches the inner thighs, groyne, and knees.

  • Consult an orthopaedic surgeon

If your back pain from sitting for too long has become so severe that over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and an occasional ice pack are no longer providing comfort, you do not have to continue suffering. Back pain can be treated both surgically and non-surgically by orthopaedic surgeons. Nonsurgical treatments include sympathetic blocks and radiofrequency neurotomy of the lumbar spine. Complex spinal surgical procedures may include the treatment of herniated or degenerative discs, spinal stenosis, spinal deformity, and any type of spinal reconstructive or revision surgery.


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